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If you have ever seen an ad for an online casino you can be mistaken in thinking that online casinos are filled exclusively with slot machines. And indeed, slots are a huge part of any online casino, but with many casinos they are only a part, and the wide variety of games actually on offer can be lost among the spinning reels and progressive jackpots.


The truth is that any half-ways decent online casino offers plenty of other games besides slots, with some of the very best casinos featuring literally hundreds of alternatives to slots, from classic table games to video poker to instant win scratch cards. Some casino even offer casual games like bingo or keno, when the thrill of casino games gets to be too much.


Among table games, blackjack and roulette are ubiquitous, both being found nearly everywhere, even on small, unknown casino sites. However, once you get past the two titans of table games, you will find other games that are easy and fun to play.


If you like blackjack, try playing the classic game of baccarat online, where you bet on either the dealer or the player, sit back, and hope your side comes out on top. But if it's thrill that you are looking for, you have no better option than to play craps online. This classic dice game is the star of nearly every Las Vegas casino scene as it sees players crowd around a table, blow on the dice for good luck, and hope to roll a winner.


And craps and baccarat are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the variety of table games offered. The truly adventurous can take a shot at Caribbean Stud Poker or Casino War and see what they can win.