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One of the few methods that can help you get benefits in craps, but because it is a game of luck can not guarantee, is the method of the 5-point or 5-Count Method. The 5-Count method analyzes the players adding points depending on the outcome of the roll to make a player. It is known as the points lying between 4 and 10, excluding 7 (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10).

The second, third and fourth run scores a point regardless of the outcome, always considering as first run in which it has scored a point, but the player has thrown more times. After winning the fourth point, which is the fifth item on which you decide start betting is achieved only when, like getting the first, the result is between 4 and 10, except for July.

When you have added 5 points is time to start betting, considering that with the pitching change must start counting again. The method of the 5 points does not guarantee that you will win in craps, however, some players feel that there are "special shooters" shooters tend to throw points, either because they are in a run of good luck or because they are skilled pitchers dice.

They believe that the method of the 5 Points helps discover these shooters and therefore to make a profit. The answer is clear, there can be a method that works 100% as well if casinos lose money most of the time. Yes you have to say for that with this method the players bet less often and when they do the chances of getting benefits are usually higher.

If you want to be sure of getting money, no method can help, although the method of the 5 Points or a good strategy can help you optimize your money. Do not accept the worst bets, there is much to offer in dice games, but is a game based on the feeling and fun. Access your favorite casino and analyzes the characteristics of various dice games offered to start playing.