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As is the case with most card games, the origins of blackjack can not be determined accurately and not be limited to a single game. Games evolve through the years, the rules change, and many different games just combining and merging with each other.

One of the earliest roots of blackjack is probably the French game Vent-et-un, or "21", dating from the seventeenth century. The rules differ in part with those of modern blackjack: only the dealer could double down, and there were rounds of betting after each card dealt. Another similar game is  "Thirty One", whose aim is to score 31 points with at least three letters.

The game traveled European immigrants on their way to North America in the late nineteenth century and settled in Las Vegas, Nevada, once gambling was legalized in that state. At first the game was not very popular because most gamblers prefer to play craps or roulette.

Thorpe became a true pioneer in blackjack strategy, and paved the way for many players who counted cards during the second half of the twentieth century. More complex strategies were developed with the help of computer simulations, and skilled players.