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Poker Playing Tips

Texas hold'em, the blinds are the blind and the big blind, respectively filed by the player to the immediate left of the dealer and the player who follows the latter in the direction of clockwise. In successive parts, distribution maps and table rounds. If the player passes, one to his left is speaking in turn. However, the player who passed can not open fire.

The dealer first each player two hole cards, only the player can see. After having read the cards, each player announces a set one after the other in the direction of clockwise. Whoever is sitting to the immediate left of the dealer puts his initial bet, the blind.

When comes the turn of the one who asked the blind, it has the same choice, either he completes his blind to align the other, or he made a recovery, or layer it (in this case, he loses his blind ). The player who has the big blind has the same choices. But if the value of the big blind is not revived by his opponents and he passes, the betting round ends.

Players whose wagers are not aligned with those of others must complete if they want to continue. Otherwise, they must lie down and lose these bets accordingly. The dealer then deals three community cards, the flop, visible to all players.

These cards associated with the other two closed in possession participants form their hand. A round of betting is committed, whoever has the floor is still in the game player to the left of the dealer and he can either pass or open.

Known variants of poker allows players to obtain maximum benefit, not only because they can expand their circle of play, but they can also vary the game get more fun. Both variants of the most famous poker are Texas Hold'em and Omaha.