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Video Poker

Historically, the first video poker machines were similar to electronic slot machines that were placed in bars and local, mostly male attendance. The victories of the players in this type of poker, however, did not consist of money, but in drinks, such as cigarettes or drinks. The best poker strategy is to understand the limits and not exceed them have ever since the small step between exceeding the limits or not is the difference between poker or enjoy to have a problem.

Then, when the concept of video poker in online casinos is past their spread has been increasingly extended to become one of the games most sought after by users of virtual rooms, starting from video poker online for free to those where they play real money.

As for other games, also in video poker have developed different variants, among which we report the most widespread, so as not to leave unprepared. The first variant is called Deuces Wild, which is in all respects similar to the video poker only counts the two as if they were wild.

Another variant is called Jacks or Better (J or better), and differs from traditional poker because to get the minimum score in one hand is a pair of jacks, without it, the dealer does not recognize the victory of the player even if he has passed its combination.

The last variant is called Jokers Wild, and includes the traditional deck of cards in which, however, is mixed with a wildcard, so this card can be distributed between your hands and help the player (or dealer) to win more easily.

The rules of this game are easy to learn. Simply form five winning cards from the cards open and closed cards distributed during the game. Texas Hold'em can be played both. In this case, it is Heads' up tournament.